Historic Environment Advice Assistant L4 Apprenticeship


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The Historic Advice Assistant Apprenticeship is a new opportunity to develop your expertise and career in the heritage sector through workplace and college-based training. We are delighted to deliver the recently developed standards for this apprenticeship – read more here on Poppy Crooks who started her apprenticeship with the Diocese of Ely in 2019.

• Apprenticeship role summary: Providing technical, research and logistical support to Historic Environment professionals working with heritage assets in the planning and development process, and on the legal and policy frameworks for their protection.

• Typical projects: The types of heritage assets an apprentice undertaking the Level 4 apprenticeship might work on include historic buildings, places, landscapes, townscapes, monuments, the historic marine environment, archaeological sites and deposits of heritage interest, registered parks, gardens and battlefields.

• Responsibilities: An employee in this occupation will be responsible for researching, investigating, analysing and reporting upon aspects of the historic environment in order to inform advice and recommendations on change, protection, maintenance, interpretation, conservation or restoration.

Employers: Organisations who might employ a Level 4 Historic Advice Assistant include;  Historic England, English Heritage, National Trust, Local Authorities, Heritage Consultancies, and other organisations involved in the maintenance, repair and conservation of historic fabric.

• Career progression: Typical job titles for a fully trained apprentice having completed the qualification include:

Heritage at risk projects officer, Built heritage assistant, Assistant conservation officer, Assistant heritage consultant, Assistant historic environment officer, Assistant historic buildings officer, Associate heritage consultant, Assistant archaeological advisor, Assistant historic environment record officer, Heritage assistant, Assistant heritage officer, Assistant conservation and design officer, Listing officer, Designation officer, Casework officer.

• Further details on the standards for this apprenticeship can be found here: https://www.instituteforapprenticeships.org/apprenticeship-standards/historic-environment-advice-assistant/

  • Historic Environment Advice Assistant Level 4

The apprenticeship is delivered in partnership with heritage and built environment employers, who must employ and put you forward for this qualification.

While any entry requirements will be a matter for individual employers, typically an apprentice might be expected to have already achieved five 9-4 (previously A* to C) GCSEs on entry.

  • 2 years
  • The maximum funding for this apprenticeship is £10k.
  • 4
  • Employment and affiliate professional membership


  • For further information please contact steve.houchin@thebcc.ac.uk