Apprenticeship Working Practices

Letter to Employers from The Principal dated 09 February 2021


9th February 2021


Dear Employer,


I wrote to you in early December regarding some of the issues we have been considering at the BCC in terms of how we might optimise on our relationship with you in the interests of the apprentices who study with us.

We are very conscious that, as a consequence of the limitations imposed by the Covid pandemic we have been unable to meet very many of you face to face either at the College or at your premises but hope to be able to rectify this as early as possible.

ln the meantime, however, lwanted to share with you again the particular areas that we have been looking at internally with a view to refining and enhancing some of our working practices regarding our provision for, and importantly our expectations of, both apprentices and their respective employers:

  • Reinforcing the exercise of jointly tracking with employers each individual learner on an apprenticeship programme .
  • Establishing a robust system of iointlv recordins off-the-job training to fulfil an essential emplover oblisation of the apprenticeship programme .
  • Affording greater opportunities for one-to-one interface, probably on a calendared basis, between College staff and our counterparts in individual companies

Our thoughts around the points above have developed significantly in recent months. ln terms of some of the practices we are looking at introducing – including more selective entry – the responsibility on the College and partner employers to meet their respective essential obligations in respect of such matters as off the job training will become increasingly important and, as such, will be under constant review.

ln the coming weeks the College’s Apprenticeship Programme Coordinator, Carly King, will contact you to arrange.a suitable time for a zoom call when members of the College Management team along with selected staff can share our thinking around some of the points above and can address any issues that you as employers may have around the study programmes of your apprentices. They will also take the opportunity to discuss your provision for off-the-job training within your organisation and how that is monitored.

ln the meantime, and as prbsented at the employer engagement session offered to employers last week and led by David Pearham and Andy Stirrup, I am attaching a power-point presentation here broadly around ‘Understanding the new Standards Qualification’ and using Site Carpentry as the subject model.

All of the above is all intended as an approach that will better serve both the apprentice himlherself as well as the employer whilst at the same time supporting the College in maintaining effective apprentlceship programme delivery.

Yours sincerely,

David Dowdles