Current Notice: Rail Strikes June 2022

Please note the following information from the Principal regarding college-based teaching from Tuesday 22nd – Friday 24th June. Please also note that the college End of Year Show, including the Private View, planned for next week has also been moved to July.

15th June 2022




Dear Colleagues, Students, Apprentices and Employers,

As many of you are already aware, there is the likelihood of major rail network disruption next week due to strike action.

These strikes, should they finally go ahead, will inevitably impact the ability of both staff and students to get into college and hence will disrupt normal teaching and operations. I have now had the opportunity of discussing with the College Management Team how best we might mitigate any disruption caused and the following arrangements have now been put in place irrespective of whether the strikes go ahead or not.

Next  Monday,  the  20th,  we  will operate as normal.  From Tuesday the  21st, and for the remainder of the  week, colleagues will  be able to work from  home delivering  remote lessons to students, as far as is possible. However, to help cover any lost teaching time the end of term ‘administration week’ (Monday 18th July to Friday the 22nd July) when staff are in college, will be made available for teaching. Students will be offered  the  opportunity to attend  lessons in that week where it is possible for them to do so, although we appreciate that in some cases due to pre-existing commitments this may be difficult.

The above arrangements – and any specific details around such matters as apprentices’ EPA preparation and assessment – will be discussed with the appropriate senior managers this afternoon in departmental meetings and the relevant details will be communicated via the appropriate tutors to apprentices, students and employers.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we try to navigate the impact of these likely strikes.

Yours sincerely,



David Dowdles