Health and Safety


Health and Safety Regulations require all students and visitors to be aware of the various regulations and procedures which are in place at the College, to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all concerned. A summary of these regulations and procedures is detailed below:


In the event of a fire, the College fire alarm will sound. You are to leave the building by the quickest and safest route, and gather on the footpath near the railway footbridge at the front of the College. All doorways and exits are clearly signed.


Smoking is permitted only in the designated outside building to the rear of the building, and is restricted to break periods.


You must comply with the various safety regulations and notices displayed in the College. Do not forget that, under the Health & Safety at Work Act, you have a legal duty to take reasonable care of your own health and safety, and that of others who may be affected by your actions or failure to take action.


Stairways, walkways and exits are to be left clear and unobstructed. Do not sit on the stairs at any time.


There is a trained first-aider in each department, supported by fully stocked first-aid boxes. In the event of any accident, report to your tutor. If you require hospital treatment, you will be given appropriate instructions.


Unless they have been trained and certified, students may only use the fixed woodworking machinery and stone saw under the supervision of a tutor.


Visitors must be accompanied by a member of staff before entering any workshop area. Please see leaflet instructing visitors.


Contractors, or other persons undertaking repairs, maintenance, inspections etc, must provide risk assessments and method statements as appropriate, and may not start work until they have been briefed by the Bursar and are fully satisfied regarding all matters relating to health and safety. Contractors must wear high visibility vests and appropriate PPE.