Luke Ebbutt James

Luke graduated from the Building Crafts College’s 2 Year Fine Woodwork Diploma in July 2015.

What did you enjoyed about your course at the Building Crafts College?

I enjoyed the fact that it was so hands on. No other furniture courses allow you to be at the bench 5 days a week. This gave me a real advantage over other design courses as you really understand the material and the making process. I feel that as a designer/maker it is hugely important to know how something should be made. Also, being at the bench allowed those ‘happy coincidences’ where rearranging a few pieces of wood sets your imagination off on a different tangent. You can’t get this from designing directly on a computer. Finally, it allowed me to see a project from concept to completion which in itself is hugely rewarding.

What have you done since graduating?

I went on to do an apprenticeship at a company called Armstrong Vinton Furniture where I honed my skills and got an insight into how to run a successful company. From there I went on to set up my own practice designing and making retail and bespoke pieces. My workshop, based at Sugarhouse in Bermondsey, is a communal workshop set up by past BCC students. I have exhibited at London Design Fair and London Craft Week and have had a number of articles published in international design magazines including FX, Enki and Darc.

What are your plans for the future?

I hope to carry on designing beautiful and appropriate pieces and helping British craft by pushing sustainable production. I want to keep the legacy of British furniture design and making alive for future generations. After all, this is one of the nicest industries to be involved in.

Luke’s website can be found here.